DEVEE CAVIAR Luxury Skin Serum 30ml.

Cena: 55.00 €

Тhe ultra-concentrated serum is surprising for a smooth consistency that is immediately absorbed and gently flatters the skin. 

Fine caviar extract, low- and high-molecular-weight hyaluronic acid and an anti-wrinkle complex made of mineral-rich turquoise algae, marine collagen and Breton plankton work together to strengthen the system of natural protection. The intense stimulation of central functions of the skin improves elasticity and firmness, leaving the contours of the face looking firmed. A tired complexion appears bright and fresh once again, and full of youthful vitality.

Apply to the skin before skin-care treatment in the morning and/or evening. Beginning in the middle of your face, carefully spread the serum from there to all the contours of the face.